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#115: Building an API in Go // Kirk Zathey

27. oktober @ 19:05 //ONLINE//

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Want to build a backend API?

Whether your app or website is a startup or has millions of users, you can develop fast, maintainable, easy to understand code using Go and PostgreSQL. The talk will be from a practical perspective, showing how to make a working backend API.

Kirk Zathey is based in Murska Sobota. He currently works remotely as a Security Software Engineering Lead for a Silicon Valley startup. He has previously worked as a Software Engineer at Snapchat, other startups, and Aviat Networks in Ljubljana.

Back in 2013, he created an open source Bitcoin exchange, TxBits, featured in Wired Magazine in Germany. He focuses on backend software but has experience in all parts of the stack.

**Spletne minute / Web hours:**

Alexander Palchikovskiy: Erlang/Elixir

Alexander will explain why should we choose Erlang/Elixir over <insert latest and greatest programming language>. He will show us what its strengths and why would we as developers be interested in using Elixir as a preffered weapon of choice.

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