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#123: Improve legacy projects with automated testing

30. marec @ 19:05 //ONLINE//

Safely fix things without breaking new things!

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Every project already has a dedicated QA team, sadly we usually call them “users”. If you work on a project or product that relies on support tickets to discover bugs, automated testing can make your life better (and sure…your user’s lives too).

This talk will provide suggestions and real-world examples for:

different types of testing

safely working in an old codebase

how to add tests to “untestable” code

encourage the entire dev team to get on board with tests


Gary Kovar is a Sr. Engineer at Craftpeak, helping craft breweries get their beer to people. Based in North Carolina USA, Gary has spent much of his engineering career at agencies solving problems for companies like Disney, Microsoft, Campbell’s Soup, and more but would really rather be writing code for spacecraft.

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