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#135: Sistem za omejevanje frekvence zahtevkov na odjemalcu

26. januar @ 19:05 // Pisarna //

Startups don’t care about expertise. The day you become a (co)founder, you accept T&C to get your hands dirty with any challenge thrown your way. But even generalists don’t go climbing the proverbial cliche mountain without studying the terrain, climate, and previous expeditions.

So, before you set off, join us for an orientation session. We’ll take a bird’s eye view of the tech industry zeitgeist, map stages of the 0-1 journey, define objectives, analyse common problems, and pinpoint untapped potential — all intended to increase the survival rate of your (ad)ventures.

Natan Nikolic is a London-based product leader with expertise in UX/UI design and product management. Before founding Tablerone and about:blank studio, he directed products and teams as VP of Product at Celtra and worked as a consultant for prominent European tech founders and investors during MA studies at Central Saint Martins.

The talk will be in English.

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