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Meet Deno: let’s make some projects – #wwwhmb 113

📢 16.06.2020 ob 19.05 @ wwwhmb YouTube kanal

The meetup will give you an introduction to Deno, the new runtime for
executing JavaScript and TypeScript outside of the web browser,
similar to Node.js.

We’ll cover Deno features and compare Deno with node.js.

After some guides on how to set up the environment and after getting to know how Deno works behind the scenes, we’ll write the first program. We’ll check how Deno works with files, and code a simple demo API.

After the meetup, you’ll know enough to start writing code in Deno.

Jana Bergant is a full-stack developer with over 20 years of experience. She started when there were no frameworks, so she coded her own MVC
framework with which she developed numerous CMS, CRM, document
portals, custom web apps.

Last few years, she has been creating online courses covering Javascript, Jekyll, and chatbots. She has over 21K students all over the world.

She’s a freelancer working from home for clients that are all over the world. Technologies she uses lately: node.js, React, Angular, MongoDb, Postgres, Google cloud services, and more. She is naturally curious and loves to be creative.

She also hosts classes on Udemy: 

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