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UseAuth – delightfully simple authentication in React #wwwhmb 111

📢 19.05.2020 ob 19.05 @ wwwhmb YouTube kanal

***Spletne urice #111 bodo v angleščini.***

You’ve built a great app. Does its job, works well, code is simple, frontend only. Bit of JAMStack, maybe.

Wanna lock some pages to ask for login? Tough.

Complexity blows through the roof. Roll your own and you’re bound to get it wrong. Deal with JWT tokens, handle servers, store usernames and passwords … oof.

Auth providers solve the backend issue, but you still need to handle frontend state, deal with checking for credentials, make sure it’s all secure. It’s a lot of work.

I built useAuth to solve all that with a single hook.

Swizec is known for his outstanding work in React and d3.js ecosystem. He’s helping hundreds of people including people at Apple, Uber – and even people like you and me – becoming better engineers through his conference talks, workshops, live coding sessions and blog posts. He also published few books, latest being React + D3v4.